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Landscape Photography Image Critique.

With Karl Taylor

February 2019


In this members picture critique Karl will be critiquing and providing professional feedback on landscape images. This informative show will give members an opportunity to submit their own images, receive professional advice and learn from other photographers work.

Karl will be discussing what makes a successful landscape photograph, how to improve as well as sharing some useful post production techniques that you could use for your future shots. You’ll get to follow along live as he shares his thoughts and advice, answering your questions throughout the show.

Member picture critiques are highly popular on Karl Taylor Education for the unique learning opportunity they offer, so make sure to submit your image and join us for this live show.

I will be discussing and giving feedback on all members images submitted, due to the popularity of these critiques this show will be in two parts.

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This show and all online workshops are streamed to Karl Taylor Education members for ONLY $14/mo.

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