02. Working to a brief

In this chapter Karl looks into some of the briefs that he has had for previous shoots that he has completed for actual clients and how they have evolved from initial client brief to final result with the help of art directors, ad agencies and the team around him.


  1. Just going through this now is making me feel so much better about the amount of ‘overshooting’ I have to do and tend to provide an over-supply of choices for my clients. That bit of extra confirmation just validated signing up for the program alone.

    I’m thinking I should produce a ‘client’s brief template’ to supply to my clients to help them. This would be a real value-add. Do you have such a thing?

    1. Hi Marc, no I don’t have a client brief template as most of my clients are experienced in producing briefs but that is a good idea to give to clients who are not used to giving proper briefs or mood boards.

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