03. The Gate – no planning just shooting

With the right location and conditions simple and affordable accessories can help you capture a magical shot. In this chapter Karl and the team stumble upon a great shooting location when out and about shooting. With just a simple reflector and great natural light Karl gets some stunning shots explaining how you have to adjust as you shoot to compensate for the ever changing qualities of natural light.


  1. Hello Karl,

    This video was really helpful by explaining the importance of the reflector.
    I did not have any clue that equipment is that helpful.
    Many thanks! 🙂

  2. If you don’t have an assistant to hold a reflector, can you use Lightroom to increase the exposure on certain areas of the image if your camera has good dynamic range?

  3. Actually let me ask that again because I know you could rescue some shadow detail, Karl even said that in the video. In the scene depicted in this video, could a Lightroom edit of an image without a reflector get close to the final image with reflector?

  4. Hey Karl,

    I was always taught that when using a reflector as your light source, you should always point the reflector from top-down rather than from below. Please advise.

    1. Hi Dominik, you should but I had no choice in this instance as Ben couldn’t get an angle from the light from above only from level with her.

  5. Also, in regards to my comment above, this looks so unnatural as you can see the shadow on the right side of her face (which is caused by the reflector) but you can clearly see the shadow is created bottom up, rather than top-down like you’d find from the sun. Please advise as I want to understand the correct way of doing this.


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