15. The final film we made in this course – “No Regrets”

Here you can take a look at our finished film “No Regrets” that won best overall video in the Vzaar video festival judged by renowned Hollywood director Oliver Stone.


      1. Thank you Joe, this was quite some time ago and a lot of people felt it was too ambiguous but I quite liked it and more than anything it was meant to demostrate what can be done on a budget with 35mm cameras. I’ve got a new short film that I’m very proud of being released in November, we will be posting about it on our social media channels when it’s released. Cheers Karl.

  1. Time lapse sections were amazing especially the desert scene with lights flashing on that large rock on the left . Was it literally a flash/strobe lighting that rock ?

  2. As a photographer who has added video to his list of services, and who has been mostly doing interviews and corporate projects, I’ve been wanting to branch out into more creative areas. I learned so much from this set of videos! From planning, creative compositions, technical and gear information, working with just one camera to post-processing – it’s all there! I really appreciate that you approached this process with creativity and with the goal to make something beautiful. The final result is very inspirational! Congratulations on the award!

    1. Thank you John. We did it all on a bit of a whim as well while we were filming other courses in the USA. It is surprising what can be achieved with a bit of effort and planning. This piece isn’t going to light everybody’s fire but I think the variety of camera angles, lens choices and lighting shows how we can create atmosphere. However the most important thing in film making is ‘story’ and this one is a little ambiguous as I only made up the ‘script’ last minute 🙂

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