18. Suggested gear

What gear does Karl suggest you use? What gear is unnecessary? In this chapter Karl takes a look at the gear that he used in the course and suggests to you a minimum kit list as well as suggesting alternative kit you may need if you don’t have an assistant to help you out.


  1. Great video as usual! I really laughed hard at the start of the video since it seemed as if the assistant was part of the gear! 😄 Haha

    As I understand so far… the most useful focal length has been between the 70 and 135 mm which is the most flattering. Since I’m using a crop sensor body camera with a crop factor of 1.5, should I try to get a lens that is in between 45 and 90 to have the same effect?

    Keeping in mind that I should try to get a lens with an f stop in between 2.8 and 1.2 if possible. Will the bokeh be comparable with the 2 lenses on the different bodies? Full frame with 70 to 135 vs crop body with the 45 to 90?

    1. Hi Jacques, as you are using a crop sensor then 85mm would be the better end of the focal length for you. A 1.4 o4 1.8 should suffice.


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