29. Two light harsh fashion lighting

Harsh lighting can be difficult to control and requires a certain discipline to produce the best results. In this chapter Karl guides you through the process.


  1. I really like the catch light with this set up., it’s a small point like the sun. You got some amazing shots from such a challenging set up. After bare bulb this is the most available use of studio lights as they are normally sold with reflector dishes, but it is also the most difficult to get right as everything is so precise. I’ve avoided using reflectors, except with umbrellas for family shots, because I’ve found them so difficult. But there’s a voice in my head that says “Pracrice the hard stuff.” After watching this I certainly will. Thank you again for your brilliant teaching skills, you’re the type of teacher I respond to, and these courses must be amongst the best value for money I’ve had in photography.

  2. Hi Karl, I know this video is an older one now, but i do have a question in regards to your retouching the harsh hot spots on her face. The end result looked great and i know i struggle with removing this sort of issue. Can you please elaborate on what you did?
    Cheers =)

    1. Hi Levi, this isn’t an older one this is actually a fairly recent one from our course Lightsource? Maybe it looked similar to another shot we did. The retouching techniques on this are exactly the same as I use for everything and are covered in the ‘Photoshop for Photographers’ course in the Post Production section. There are also some other more advanced ones covered in that section.


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