39. Contoured beauty lighting

This unique lighting setup requires patience and precise control, but together Karl and Urs Recher show you exactly how to achieve the stunning, contoured beauty image below.

As the pair continue to demonstrate a number of creative three light setups for portrait photography, Urs explains why symmetry is a key element to this setup. Using just two small modifiers and a background light, this setup is well suited to a small studio space.

In this portrait photography class we cover the following:

  • Studio Lighting: How to set up multiple studio lights
  • Three light setup for portrait photography
  • How to prevent lens flare in studio photography
  • How to use reflectors for portrait photography
  • Working with reflectors and flags
  • Photographing in a small studio

NOTE: This course is available with English subtitles


  1. What OTHER modifier do you think I can use instead of these two softboxes? I don’t have them.
    Closest I have is two Strip boxes, Profoto 1×3 size… but they are 1×3 so not as wide as these softboxes… Maybe use them horizontally ?

    1. Hi Babak, using them horizontally would not work, please watch chapter 1 to understand why. The other option would be to put your two softboxes side by side. My concern though is that at this stage based on your question you haven’t fully understood some of the fundamental principles of studio lighting that are very important and covered in chapters 1 to 15.


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