37. Strong bold and dynamic

Create this dynamic and bold lighting setup suitable for 3/4 and full length subjects. Suitable for fashion and strong portrait results.


    1. Hi Ilidio, the centre pole of the lighting stand was visible between the models legs so I removed this in photoshop. To avoid having to use photoshop then I often use a flooter/fresnel light instead as you will seen in the ‘Fashion’ section on the first two tutorials.

  1. Excellent session tutorial! I shall be using this style. Looks like I’ll be adding another strip soft box modifier to equipment bag.

  2. Hello Karl, I was wondering if you use any type of filters in portaits (UV, ND etc..), and how they affect (if used) the results on the pictures?. Thank You.

    1. Hi Daniel, no not really and ND filter would only reduce the amount of light so you can open the aperture more or decrease the shutter speed but it wouldn’t have any affect on the subject. Polarisers change the look of skin reflections but you’d have to be careful applying these as you can get strange results. Generally speaking all of your control should be made with light.


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