47. Movie style mystery and beauty

Wow what a result and no Photoshop used! Karl precisely controls four light to create this stunning and enigmatic movie style portrait. Using only basic modifiers and a few home made ones too, Karl demonstrates the techniques from start to finish.


  1. Hi Karl,

    I really enjoyed this lesson how to overcome difficulties at the moment of clicking. Only this lesson was worth all the cost of the year. In this class I realized how the photographer has to be really multi task and, above all, be creative to get the results you want. Congratulations! Keep going like this, teaching how to be a good photographer!

    Deborah was also a great role model. Patient and friendly. Congratulations to her too.


  2. The more I see you work the more sense it makes not to use a light meter, it would be impossible to meter this shot to get anywhere near the same quality. I’m also realising just how little I knew beforehand, and how following some inferior “tutorials” has compromised my learning curve.

    1. Thank you Mark and unfortunately I have to agree with you, there are many players who try to teach but have little real professional experience or proper understanding of the subject. I’ve spent many years formatting the delivery of my knowledge in a way that can be absorbed, understood and implemented and that’s why it is extremely rewarding for myself and the team to receive feedback like this. Cheers Karl and the team.

  3. My favorite setup so far in portraiture .. The result is perfect. It also opens the imagination .. Thanks for this.

  4. Karl, hello again. At one point you said it can be easily done by adding the 5th light bounced on a larger surface. Wouldn’t that spill the light so it could surpass the shadow effect you made on the model’s face?

  5. Hello Karl. 22’49” “If I could use more (lights) the easiest way is to bounce another light into this polyboards” . Sorry if I mispelled something.

    1. Hi Bogdan, yes remember each section in this course I restricted myself to using either 1, 2, 3, or 4 lights. So I was unable to use any more but if I was able to then I could have used them instead of the metal reflector.

  6. This is an amazing 4 light demonstration!!. I love your trouble shooting skills, using what you had available and sticking to it until you got the shot. Very impressive.


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