07. Street photography 2

Great opportunistic photography is about being aware of your surroundings, staying observant and predicting the possibilities, as well as knowing compositionally what makes a great image. But what exactly do you look for and what camera settings will ensure atmosphere in your image? In this chapter follow Karl walking around the city of Paris as he captures some stunning images of his surrounding areas and lets you in on what exactly he is looking out for as he takes his shots.


  1. Fantastic capture Karl!! I love the action of the cars with the slow movement of the lady crossing the street. The tower in the background gives this image the cherry on top!

  2. Whenever I’ve tried hand holding the camera at one tenth, I’ve ended up with, not just motion blur, but camera shake too. Maybe I’m just wobbly on my feet.

    1. Hi Akansh, that is covered in the ‘Introduction Course’ in the ‘Essentials’ section. It is better for your learning if you watch the courses in order. Thanks Karl.


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