Siros Part 4 – speed test

Here’s the fourth and final video in the Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit review series. In this video Karl and the team take a look at how fast these Siros lights actually are by splashing and smashing whisky glasses together! in this video Karl also covers:

How these economic Siros 2 lights compare to the incredible pro-level Scoro system

The smashing & splashing whisky glass lighting set-up in our studio.

How we get fast flash duration and what settings Karl uses



    1. Hi Jan, we designed them and then made prototypes from MDF and then had a sign service/plastic company make them from acrylic from our prototypes.

  1. Hi Karl, you mentioned an App that trigger your camera, how it works?, it´s available in itunes? Thanks have a great day!.

    1. Hi we now use the MIOPS trigger as this has been the best one. There are others available as apps and I think MIOPS may have an app too?


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