05. Retouch beauty Part 4

Viktor explores contrast and local contrast control, hair retouching, final skin considerations, B&D and the hue, luminace and saturation control. The beauty retouch also undergoes final retouching for the eyes and lips and Viktor reveals the key consideration to produce professional results.


  1. Thank you for this excellent tutorial!
    I have a question:
    As Viktor explained during Saturation adjustments: Dodging and Burning with curves [done previously] are likely to change saturation.
    Why not put these Curve layers [Dodge and Burn Curves] in Lightness mode? [For as far as I know they will not influence saturation then…]

    1. Hi Peter, yes that would be a solution although I’ve not tested it, I do mention in another tutorial somewhere on here that I change the blend mode to ‘Luminosity’ to also avoid the problem. Regards Karl.

  2. Ahh! that’s what I meant! Luminosity. [I’m Dutch with a Dutch Photoshop version; I translated “Lichtsterkte” [the last mode in the row on the bottom] the wrong way…
    Sorry about the confusion.


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