08. Product retouch Part 1

Product retouching is often an essential requirement and a useful skill for any photographer.

In this Photoshop class Viktor and Karl retouch a product image, shot by Karl. Simulating a typical photographer-retoucher relationship, Viktor works through the set list of requirements provided by Karl, methodically working through each step and explaining his process.

This initial stage of the retouching process sees Viktor work on focus stacking the image, removing dust and scratches, changing the background and making subtle adjustments to the tones of the specific highlights and shadows.

In this Photoshop class we cover the following:

  • How to retouch product photos
  • How to focus stack an image in Photoshop
  • Image clean up: Removing dust and scratches with Photoshop
  • Cutting out images using bezier pen tool
  • How to change an image background
  • Correcting saturation and tone in Photoshop

To understand the entire process of shooting and retouching a product image, you can watch the original photoshoot here, too.

More classes on retouching product images can also be found in our Product section.

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  1. Oops sorry hit the enter button, but I also wanted to say that Viktor is very methodical in his work and while it is laborious, Viktor is right to say it is important.
    If one knows about Photoshop and is adept, Viktor’s class is very easy to follow and adds many new techniques and tricks to use and greatly improve your results.

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