06. Preparing “Visual Aid” layers

We now look at the very important ‘Visual Aid Layers’ and how to create them with a thorough explanation of their purpose. Remember that with this course in the ‘Downloads’ section we include the automated ‘Actions’ to build the necessary layers for your very own VALs.


  1. Hi Anyone

    I have followed the tutorial to create my own “Visual Aids” group but I don’t know how I save it for future use, do I drag it into the Library or something? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and fascinating tutorials.

    1. If you mean you want to back it up: Go to your actions panel, click on the three lines in the top right corner of the actions dialogue box and you’ll see ‘Save Actions’. This only work pr. group set of actions, not individual actions.

  2. I Installed the Action from download Section but unfortunately this tutorial Action not find their. And is it possible to set this action in F2 button. I mean, if I press F2 button these 3 action layers visible in layer section. Hope you can help me..

  3. Hi..
    Thanks alot Karl/Emma.. Just see the mail now. Now I can use it in my PC. Very thanks full for your help. This Site is very helpfull for all beginners and upcoming Professionals. This is truly an International level of complete Photography skills. Hats off Karl and the team. Keep going..


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