Portrait & Beauty Lighting

Live On: September 19th
17:00-19:30 BST (12:00-14:30 EST)

There’s going to be a huge amount of important techniques and studio knowledge to gain from Karl’s next LIVE photography workshop. Through interactive demonstration and results, Karl will help you transform your studio beauty and portraiture photography!
You’ll see the step by step process needed to light and shoot professional portrait and beauty images. PLUS… Karl will explain his creative and technical reasons for deciding which commonly used lighting modifiers work best for his beauty & portrait photography.

Everything from simple beauty dish lighting to the more advanced setups will be discussed. You’ll be learning the latest studio lighting techniques using Para lights and ring flash setups. You’ll discover different ways to light your backgrounds and also learn how to control shadows in your scene. Karl will also be trying some unusual lighting ideas with home made modifiers!

With the help of his models, Karl will demonstrate the use of various angles, light positions, different reflectors, fill light, soft & hard light, as well as teaching you how combining different types of light can deliver much more creative impact in your work.

This really is a workshop not to be missed! Join Karl and his team for this entertaining and informative session where he’ll answer your questions live with the help of his team. (This show will be available for replay for 5 weeks following broadcast.)


  1. Thanks Karl Thank you so much for the workshop ,
    the nose shadow in the first shoot of Ivy was not
    appealing or, in the whole picture very disturbing,
    of course thats my feeling may be I am wrong
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Ernesto, we are very glad to hear you are OK. The show is available on replay for 5 weeks if you’d like to catch up.

  2. Karl

    Love your tutorials
    Thank you so much
    One of the best Photography in the world

    Hope one day I can get to meet you in person

    Thank you so much

  3. These are great videos’ but I have a poor internet speed living out in the countryside, so I lose my position and have to start again. Can you download these to watch at your leisure? , if so I can do this at work where the speed is really fast and watch them at home.

  4. A real eye opener about how the shot can change just by careful positioning of the light shown at 1 hour 54 min 21 sec, which leads me to my question please Karl? I shoot with Canon 5D Mk3 and just bought a Windows laptop, what please would you suggest as the best tethered software to use please? Canon’s own EOS Utilites, Lightroom Classic (via the cloud Abobe CC) is there another Windows based one you would recommend?


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