18. Perfect twilight shots with flash

Capturing the perfect light at twilight can be a really simple technique and is something that can be done with just a tripod and your camera. It’s all about knowing the right time to shoot and waiting for the light to be right. In this chapter Karl shows you his set up and top tips for when to shoot as well as demonstrating how you can also add a small amount of flash to fill in some of the shadows and really take your photos to the next level.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


    1. Hi Wei, I generally use 5600K colour balance and shoot in RAW then I adjust the colour balance in the software after if necessary. If you adjust your colour balance to compensate for sunset or twilight you can often lose the feeling of the colour of the light, so I prefer to shoot at 5600K (daylight/flash balance) and then adjust after.

  1. So for exposure balance what are you suggesting, and when you say optimum time to shoot. Still working on my twilight shots!

  2. St Ives! Such a vibrant town in the summer. I have plenty of photos taken here and many opportunities for the photographer. Such a good vantage point up high. Some great tips here about timing, thanks.

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