10. Natural light portrait with flash

Continuing on from the previous chapter, extend your knowledge of Natural light portraiture by using fill in flash from a simple flash gun instead of just sunlight and a reflector. Again this is still a simple set up that any photographer can achieve with just the addition of a flash gun to reap high end and professional results.


    1. Hi Prathesh, in this case I just put the flash in manual mode, start at a low power and then just increase it until you get to the power of light that looks good, this is exactly how you work with studio lighting (even on location) so this is how I work with small speedlites too.

  1. hi Karl
    can I ask please if when using flash In natural light., and you want to create a scene where the background is almost/ completely blackout while keeping your model correctly lite
    what setting is required, with your ISO set low maybe 50-100 an aperture starting at about f/5.6 to f/16?? Shutter speed at 1/125s+.
    Do I expose for the model, or expose for the background and let the flash light the model etc.
    Thanks for your feed back,


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