05. Macro photography at home

Using an entry level DSLR camera, Karl shows you how to take great macro photographs in a studio using just minimal equipment.

In this class Karl shows you a simple tabletop setup that you can easily replicate yourself to create an amazing abstract macro photo. He explains his lighting setup and camera settings and also gives an overview of how to use a speedlite.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Macro photography ideas to try at home
  • Camera settings for macro photography
  • Lighting setups for macro photography
  • How to use a speedlite for macro photography
  • Understanding aperture and depth of field

If you have any questions about this class please post them in the comments box below.

NOTE: This course is available with English subtitles.


  1. Wow, I like it, well done , But I will try it using my trigger. It is possible to using in TTL mode beside Manual Mode?

  2. I presume putting the flash in manual mode, it ignores the TTL data the camera would normal send when coupled to a flexible flash cable? Basically just a trigger.

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