58. Flash and natural light

At the same location Karl shoots a more enigmatic and alluring image by balancing the portable flash lighting perfectly with daylight to produce a series of stunning black and white images.


  1. Can you tell me something about Aperture and Speed to each picture? Whitch ISO did you choose?

    Regards Sascha

  2. I hope she was paid well for freezing and have difficulty in those spike heels in the forest. Nice results though.

    1. Hi Tony, she was paid very well and was also one of the hardest working models. She was as keen to make great shots as we were!

  3. Thank you Karl. You have given me some ideas. I would love to see pics with just the Natural Light vs Natural Light + Flash for comparison. I shoot predominantly in natural light only as its obviously much easier.. and am always looking for a way to minimize equipment.

  4. black & white are great. love the set up . were only using 16-35 lens you said your were changing lens ? great work again Karl and model
    thanks frank garvan


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