Live Liquid Photography Shoot With David Lund.

In this exciting episode David brings his liquid expertise and gadgets to the KTE audience. Karl and David will work together to produce some stunning liquid images.


  1. For many years Trengrove studios in the U.S. have been the standard for high quality acrylic ice cubes. I suspect that’s the brand name David was trying to remember. Calumet used to sell them in the U.K.. Set Shop in New York has them.

    1. The Set Shop is the only place I have found that sells the Acrylic “Shards” and you can buy one and finance it on your MasterCard in 36 payments!

      That was a fun session to watch and learned a lot… Karl apparently had a couple Red Bull’s before this one!

  2. out standing work. the whole set up so handy and so much one could do with that one set up
    thanks again Karl & David looking forward to next show

  3. I had to watch this after the event and in two parts because of other commitments. I just finished watching it and wanted to leave a quick note to say how much I enjoyed it.

    I could see the possibilities of using these techniques on product shots and I’m looking forward to trying some of them when my wife leaves the kitchen unattended for a couple of hours… :o)

  4. As always really interesting live show!

    One thing I hate though is having the “countdown time” in each live show replay. For instance this one has about nine minutes before the actual show starts. Can’t this useless part be removed from the replay’s? I would really appreciate that!

    1. Hi Ruud, it is usually removed from the replays or at least shortened, I will ask Ben our video editor to check this one.

  5. That was a nice show to watch Karl. Seemed like you guys didn’t have enough time to move on a leisurely pace, but the idea is great! I’ll be looking forward to watching the recording of the interview with David!

    Some 7-8 years ago in shanghai I played a bit with freezing water splashes. We didn’t use strobes though. We shot at high iso and fast shutter speeds.

    I did have a question on the background construction though. I understand now how the ball of light works with diffusion material etc, but in this setup, how important is the size of the scrims? We don’t all have space for an 8 ft scrim. Is there a background setup that is smaller but gives a similar effect?

    1. Hi Kryn, yes I can appreciate the space requirements, although you will often see us using a large scrim that is mostly because it is the scrim that we have. Many of these things can be placed a bit closer and be considerably smaller. Even the extra diffusion wasn’t entirely necessary, for example this setup could have been achieved with the single layer of acrylic diffusion and the blue gel placed over the back of that and then the light behind with another blue gel on it. Or with an additional light bouncing of the wall behind to ensure the corners of the scrim did not vignette too much.

  6. Hi Karl, I have a question regarding Flash duration. I only have speedlites, and am aware that the lower the power the shorter the flash duration. eg. 1/128 = 1/20’000 sec My question is, in your experience what is the best speed to capture splashes in a water tank ? Thanks

  7. That was great ya’ll! I can tell David is such a gentle soul. Love your humor Karl. I learned so much while laughing my head off at ya’ll. Point being is that ya’ll were willing to show everyone that things rarely go smooth all the time even for the experts. I loved this show.

  8. Hi Gina, thank you for your comments, glad you enjoyed the show. Yes doing things live is fun!!! and unpredictable at times. Absolutely love my job. Karl has been a continual inspiration with his teaching material.


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