Knockout creative techniques

This shot took a lot of trial and error and testing but once it all came together I think you can agree that the final result is fantastic and really effective. In this chapter not only are you able to have a behind the scenes look at one of Karl’s most iconic images but you can also see how he creates all the different layers of the shot before he comps it all together.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Hi Karl,
    It’s indeed a great technique. I can see you’ve enjoyed the shoot.
    Could you please explain your camera setting and how you’ve achieved to keep the model on focus ?

    1. Hi Tariqur, I manually focus on the point where I know the model will jump to and keep it locked. If you have not understood the settings then please refer to the first 15 chapters in the portrait section where I describe exactly how to calculate such things and give you a full explanation on studio lighting and understanding control.

  2. I love the electronica music you have in a lot of your videos. Who is the artist/song used in the majority of this video? Thanks!

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