How To Use Continuous LED Lighting For Packshot Photography

How to photograph a white on white product packshot using continuous lighting.

One of the main challenges of photographing white on white is achieving defined edges on the product. Together Karl and Urs show you how to overcome this using a simple three-light setup using broncolor’s LED F160 lights (Karl also shows how you can simplify this to a two-light setup). This setup is ideal for photographing multiple products quickly and easily and can even be used for video.

In addition to being well suited for filming, continuous lights such as these also allow the photographer to instantly see the result, which can often seem far less intimidating than using flash, especially for new photographers. These lights also offer a robust and durable light that, when coupled with the right modifiers, allows you to enhance your creativity and achieve the exact results you envisaged.


  1. Hey Karl, thanks for this course, really high quality content. Would it be possible to switch from softboxes to scrims in order to create some gradients if shooting jewelry? I find that they became quite dull and flat without gradients and sharp reflections. Thanks!

  2. How much brighter are those LED lights than the modeling lamps on your strobes? Could you have used your modeling lamps instead?

    1. Hi, I am using the Product Photography Box for capturing the images for e-commerce stores. What kind of setting should I use to get sharpest image

    2. Hi Tim, I think they are about the same level as 650w modelling lamps, maybe a little brighter. But yes I could have done something similar with modelling lamps but then I find flash much more versatile that LED.

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