09. Product retouch Part 2

For the final part of our product retouch we cover focus stacking and putting the product onto a new desired background and ensuring that there is continuity in the style of lighting and color between the product and background. We also adjust final colors saturation, vibrance and contrast to ensure the most appealing image.


  1. that was a very useful demonstration! thank you! I just have a question about the final look of the image. am not sure if it is something with the brightness on my screen but i feel that the lower part of the camera is a bit too dark and it is kind of blending with the darker background. would some separation help, just a tiny bit?

  2. Hey Karl,

    For dodging and burning… in a previous tutorial we were taught to use two curves layer masks. In this one we are taught to use an overlay layer for seemingly the same effect. Is there a specific reason for each method?

    1. Hi Jacques, this is an older tutorial, you can also use the ‘soft light’ layer method which I show in another tutorial but I’d say the two curves is the best one for most flexibility and control.


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