10. Darklands shoot

Karl and the team head to a more dark and desert like area for the next shoot. Here Karl shoots some Natural light fashion shots. As well as bringing out all the big guns as they aim for a truly epic shot.


  1. Something that just occurred to me: using a fishing rod with very thin line to pull the dress up in the air

  2. It has nothing to do with photography and I apologize for this question but I cannot avoid asking.
    The white silhouette that you can see on the road on the left … Is it a shooting target? 😮

    1. Hi Giorgio, where do you mean? How many minutes into the video and i’ll take a look. I don’t remember anything unusual.

        1. Ha Ha no it’s actually a road sign warning about 4 wheel driving conditions if I remember correctly!

  3. Hi Karl,

    Great shoot! Because rotation is limited by having the grad in place, does the polarizer give a good range of results by taking it out and re-seating in the four possible positions?

    1. Hi Peter, yes that’s how I used it for many years but I must admit now having the one with the fully rotational adaptor is more versatile but it is more expensive.


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