16. Couples & engagement photography

You’ll learn what to focus on that other photographers completely forget or miss in this chapter. Couples and Engagement is a lucrative market for photographers so watch as Karl explains, through various shoots and setups some great techniques that can help you achieve the perfect couple shots The visualization techniques I teach you in this (and all preceding chapters) will make you a better photographer.


  1. Hi Karl,

    I have a question when shooting more than one subject for example a couple or a family I seem to be perfecting the focus on one person however the rest can come of blurry and soft. do you have any tips for getting all the subject in focus?

    P.S Great video.

    1. Hi Samuel, you have to ensure that you are working with an aperture/depth of field that is sufficient to cover both people. Often a combination of lens choice and distance from couple also has a big part to play in this. If you are struggling you can also try focusing between them (in terms of depth into the shot) and then the depth of field may reach either direction, remember that depth of field runs towards the camera and away from the cameras focus point too.


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