‘How To’ Full Version – Colored Gels Fashion Shoot

For this fashion photography class Karl teams up with broncolor’s Urs Recher to create a powerful, vibrant image that uses studio light and color to create and eye-catching fashion shot.

Originally part of the broncolor ‘How To’ Series, our members can now follow every step of this unique shoot. This photography class includes detailed explanations from Karl about his final lighting setup and how he used colored gels to achieve this creative shot.

In this fashion photography class we cover the following:

  • Using multiple studio lights for fashion photography
  • Shooting with colored gels
  • Useful lighting modifiers for fashion photography and their effects
  • Giving creative direction to a model
  • The relationship between colors
  • Filling in shadows with color

If you have any questions regarding this course use the comments area below.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Great setup; I like the concept of using the gels to fill shadow, instead of straight on key lights. The results look to be great straight out of camera. Was there any extensive retouching required?

    1. Hi Peter, thank you, hardly any retouching at all, a little bit of burn and dodge and that was about it.

  2. It only takes one image to make all the effort worthwhile. The final image at the video end is a superb result. Everything in balance, and that’s what makes it stand out to me. I think you do great fashion work Karl. It’s your niche. You are truly in touch with it and that’s what makes the difference … keep it up.

    1. John, thank you very much for your kind words. I very much enjoy beauty and fashion work and the concepts it makes a nice change from my usual work as a product/advertising photographer.

  3. Thank you Karl, it was a very interesting class! I really like the result. It’s cool that your education classes cover such a variety of topics. Special thanks for the price. Will it be new Photo Critique series and if yes, how can I apply my photos?

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