Clinique shoot post production 1: Initial Compositing & Basic Cleaning

In this series of Photoshop classes you’ll see the complete post production process for the Clinique-style advertising image that Karl shot (this is available in our Product section).

This first chapter focuses on creating the group shot. This involves layering and compositing the final images, cleaning up the background and base surface, removing water droplets and reducing the reflection in the base surface. To do this, Karl uses a variety of tools and techniques, demonstrating how to work with masks, use the clone stamp and brush tool and adjust highlights and contrast.

Class objectives:

  • Layering files in Photoshop – Demonstrate how to manually align images
  • Show how to recover highlight details
  • Demonstrate how to use the Clone Stamp tool
  • Show how to clean the background and base surface using the Clone and Brush tools
  • Show how to reduce reflections on a white surface

Clinique post production before example

The original file before removing water drops from the bottles and base.

Clinique post production after example

After removing water drops and reducing the reflections in the base.

To see how this image was shot, watch the Clinique Style Advertising Shoot classes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the techniques covered in this class, watch our Photoshop for Photographers course, where Karl covers the essential Photoshop tools. More advanced techniques can be found in the Advanced Photoshop for Photographers classes, presented by professional retoucher Viktor Fejes.

If you have any questions about this class, please post in the comment section below.


  1. I’m looking forward to the post production/Photoshop/compositing portion of this training. Any idea when it will be available other than “soon”?

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