How to retouch pack shots on a white background

If done correctly in camera Packshots require very little Photoshop and if you know how to do it properly then it can be done quickly and with not too much effort to create those clean, crisp shots that you’d expect.


  1. Hey, Karl. I just subscribed to your education. Really interested in perfecting my packshot. Thank you very much for the videos! I’m just wondering, how did you get the black outline/shadow on the far right product? You did not seem to be using any black board for the far right product on other video (where you explain how to get it on camera)?

    Lately, I saw you added black flag when on the broncolor video where you were shooting Dove product using broncolor Continuous LED Light with Urs Recher (so it creates the black outline and separates the product from the background).

    Thank you in advance.

    Cheers from Indonesia.

    1. Apa Kabar? Yes I normally use a piece of black card to the side, you’ll see me use that technique in other videos here on KTE. I’m not sure if I used one or not in the video you are referring too. If not it may have picked up a reflection of a dark edge from the polyboard flags at the back.

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