3. Blending in fire explosion

In this section, Viktor demonstrates his approach to compositing images and shows you how to blend different elements together using the various Photoshop tools.

Here he focuses on blending different elements of fire together to create a realistic final scene, demonstrating how to work with layers and layer masks. You’ll learn about Photoshop blend modes and the effects of each, how to change and customise Brush tool settings and how to use adjustment layers to alter colour and contrast.

In this Photoshop compositing course we cover the following:
  • Composite photography
  • How to make a composite picture in Photoshop
  • Working with layers and layer masks
  • Blending layers using Photoshop blend modes
  • Adjusting colour, contrast and saturation using adjustment layers
  • Using and customising Photoshop Brush tool
  • How to add noise to an image

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