Architectural Photographer with Sean Conboy

Sean Conboy is an internationally renowned architectural photographer who is known for photographing some of the most impressive buildings and hotels in the world from giant multiplex cinemas to multi-storey structures.

Sean will be joining Karl on the sofa to talk about this specialised area of photography that requires a certain discipline and precision to bring life to structures and three dimensionality to the photographic form.

Working with complex mixed lighting and atmospheric surroundings is just one of the many challenges that Sean has to face in his day to day work and he’ll be here to answer all your questions Live! If you can’t make the show like, we will be happy to take your questions by email and put them to Sean on air.

We understand that not everyone can be available to watch live but as always there will be a ‘Live Replay’ available to our members immediately after broadcast so don’t worry if you can’t join us live.


  1. Hi Karl,
    Just managed to watch this show on replay and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sean, his passion and enthusiasm for what he does really shows, stunning images and a real love for his work made this a thoroughly entertaining talk show.
    thanks Karl and the team.

  2. Excellent show, a real old skool photographer that still knows the principles of photography and the advantages of a view camera.
    In fact he uses a perfect mix of classic and modern technology and above all experiencing the pleasure and satisfaction of making a good photograph. (Unfortunately also costly)
    I’m honestly a bit jealous.

    1. Hi Peter, glad you enjoyed the show. I’d also love to work with a view camera again but can’t justify the cost for the small amount of times that I would use it when I can use my HTS1.5 instead. If I was shooting mostly the sort of stuff that Sean is shooting though then I would definitely consider it.

  3. `i was gutted i missed this but just watched it on repeat, a fantastic show what an infectious bloke and amazing old school photographer, this has probably been one of my favourites so far along with Tim Flach. Ive just invested in a 19mm Nikon Tilt Shift so im gonna go and try a few shots #Inspired.. The quality of your guests is unsurpassed Karl, fantatsic to see the wide breadth of Photography genres covered.

  4. Thank you Karl for the talk with Sean Conboy…..I enjoyed it very much. Informative, interesting and fantastic images. I couldn’t connect when it was live but glad you have a link for replay…thanks.

  5. Excellent show, I like these shows. I like the insight that one gleans from working professional photographers.

    I believe there is a world wide explosion of knowledge sharing and Karl you are doing your part, at a very reasonable cost, good job.

  6. Really enjoyed this interview, Karl. What a nice guy and obviously, by his enthusiasm, loves what he does. A wealth of experience there, and generous of Sean to share it.

  7. Hi guys only just been able to watch this incredible video. What a fascinating couple of hours. Sean has a great way of passing on his expertise and the images are outstanding. I took away so many tips regarding light levels and balancing artificial together with the available natural light. Stunning video guys, best so far!!! JD


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