Fine dining food photography – Preparation

In this series of food photography classes Karl works with food photographer Anna Pustynnikova, shooting everything from beef to tea, to demonstrate essential preparation, styling and lighting techniques for eye-catching food photography.

In this chapter Anna explains how to prepare the duck, potato gratin and mushrooms that will form the subjects of the next chapter.

In this food photography class we cover the following:

  • Food preparation – duck, potato gratin and mushrooms
  • Useful equipment for food photography
  • How best to store food prior to preparation
  • Selecting props for food photography
  • Cooking food to photograph


  1. This session is awesome!!! Karl I never thought you wouldn’t like to cook!! I love cooking. This is great learning the details for food photography. I’m getting hungry watching it.

    1. Hi Geoff, thank you. I think it’s the getting messy part that I have an issue with as I’m a bit OCD with things being tidy. However after going through this process with Anna I’ve been more interested as it is quite scientific really which I like! 🙂

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