The Business of Photography

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01. Introduction and commercial workflow

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Before you can run and maintain a successful photography business you need to have some key business skills and a marketing plan. In this first chapter Karl talks over what is going to be covered in this course as well as looking over his commercial workflow from client to completion.

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02. Working to a brief

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In this chapter Karl looks into some of the briefs that he has had for previous shoots that he has completed for actual clients and how they have evolved from initial client brief to final result with the help of art directors, ad agencies and the team around him.

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03. Sets, props and problem solving

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Here Karl talks about how one of the key things to being a good photographer is being a good problem solver and how this can help you with creating sets and choosing props for your images. (Good props and sets are the supporting structure behind successful images!)

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04. Pricing your photography

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In this chapter Karl goes over pricing your photography and discusses day rates, outside services (retouchers and models etc) set building and props, agents, equipment and studio rental as well as looking into charging usage fees and finding a balance in what to charge.

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06. Photography genres to make you money

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What are your potential markets? There are plenty of them and commercial photography isn’t just about advertising and product photography. In this chapter Karl talks through your options and looks into some of them in depth and explains just how lucrative certain areas of photography can be.

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07. Marketing your business & staying in business

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In this last chapter, Karl covers everything there is to know about marketing your photography business. From identifying your market and reaching potential clients to defining your brand, building a portfolio and tackling social media and website design.

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08. Business skills

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In the final chapter of this business course Karl explains all that you need to know to operate the business from insurance and accounting to permits and licensing.

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Live Talk Show With Alex Wallace

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In this live photography talk show Karl is joined by top commercial and industrial photographer Alex Wallace. The pair discuss Alex’s career as well as review a selection of members work and take a light-hearted look at the latest industry news. Alex shares his experience moving to New Zealand and setting up his photography business from scratch. In just eight …