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01. Key skills for food photography and styling

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In this chapter we focus specifically on the necessary details for effective food styling and the preparation of the shot. Great styling is often more important than the lighting or photography and Anya will show us her key techniques and tips.

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02. Berries on a wooden board

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Often simplicity is best, but how do you form simplicity out of so much confusion and array of colors and sizes. In this chapter watch Anya style this shot from start to finish and see the detail she goes to making the final image look as appetizing as possible. From preparing the berries, choosing the props and surfaces and testing …

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03. Ginger & Lime Tea Preparation

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See in this chapter all the preparation that goes into making the tea for the final shot,  from choosing the right props and background to tips on making your food look the best it can when you come to shooting.

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04. Ginger & Lime Tea Shoot

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Technically this isn’t even a food shot but it will be beautiful none the less. This example is Anya’s shot and it looks great but Karl says he’s going to also try an alternative lighting setup!

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07. Cup of Tea

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In this elegant and stylised image. Karl uses his lighting skills to add an enchanting aspect to Anya’s careful styling of props and product. In this module you will discover the key lighting techniques that use some surprisingly simple tools to create such a high end image. You will also learn how Anya applies careful attention to detail for this …

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09. Rustic Beef

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A solid, hearty and rustic feel is what is needed in the styling and lighting. Follow Anya and Karl in this fascinating tutorial from start to finish. While Anya creates a beautiful and suitable scene Karl sets about creating a unique ‘dappled’ lighting look to further enhance the country rustic atmosphere of the shot.

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11. Raspberry dessert

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This light and airy raspberry dessert will look irresistible and the techniques learnt can be transferred to many other types of dessert photography.