New Photography Courses in Production

As well as live shows we also have new courses monthly. See below to view what's coming soon.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography Modules

Filming Completed - In Production

This new section will add to our Fashion section where we explore the following:

  • Styling clothes and working with stylists
  • Make up preparation and considerations
  • Set building and preparation
  • Shooting fashion and choice of modifiers
  • Location fashion work
Landscapes & Seascapes

New Landscape / Seascape Modules

We will be exploring detailed techniques on landscape/seascape photography, including planning, execution, composition, filters, RAW files, post processing, shutter speeds and depth of field.

Lighting for Themes

Lighting for Themes

This module is a theoretical module and a continuation of chapter 62 from the Light Source course in the ‘Portrait’ section. It will include examples of how to light subjects based on themes and expand further on the ideas explored in chapter 62 ‘The emotion of light’


Real People Portraits

We’ve been asked by our members to show more portraiture lighting but with real world people including classic female and male examples. In these modules Karl will walk you through the refinements of lighting for this type of portraiture and explain posing and positioning of the subject for the most effective results

*Please note schedules may be subject to change.

The schedules listed are our filming scheduled days, editing, info graphics and additional voice over or information elements will also be added. This process means the release dates will be a short time later.