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Some photography educators just talk about it, others have to heavily retouch it, but Karl Taylor actually shoots and shows you great results straight out of camera. Join Karl for our monthly live shows demonstrating the best photography techniques and participate with live Q&A!


Members Picture Critique — Product Photography

12th December 2018 – 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST

Live Photography Show
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live photography show

12th December 2018 - 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST

Members Picture Critique — Product Photography

In this live members picture critique Karl will be giving feedback on product images submitted by members. He’ll be discussing what makes a successful product image and how to improve as well as sharing some useful post production techniques. These shows are always highly popular for the unique learning opportunity they offer, so make sure to submit your image and join us for this informative show.

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live photography show - food photography with Anya Pustynnikova

15th January 2019 - 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST

Live Talk Show with Special Guest Anya Pustynnikova

In this live photography talk show Karl will be joined by Russian food photographer and stylist Anya Pustynnikova. Together they’ll discuss Anya’s career, her top tips for food photography and how to make it in the industry. | Read More

live photography show - food photography

17th January 2019 - 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST

Food photography: Live show with Anya Pustynnikova

In this live food photography workshop top Russian food photographer Anya Pustynnikova will be returning to Karl Taylor Education to demonstrate how to photograph and style food. With Anya and Karl's combined knowledge, this is a show not to be missed.

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Product Photography

Product Photography - How to photograph a high-end handbag

LIVE ON: 6th December

Whether you’re selling them online or working on a high-end product shoot, this live product photography workshop will show you how to effectively photograph handbags. I’ll show you, start to finish, how to get the best possible results that will ensure both you and your client are happy.
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LIVE Retouching with Viktor Fejes

LIVE ON: 15th November

In this Live retouching show Karl sits down with professional retoucher Viktor Fejes to explore various aspects of photoshop techniques and answer your questions live. Join Viktor and Karl to participate in the show with your own questions through our live interactive Q&A.

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Live Talk Show with Special Guest Viktor Fejes

LIVE ON: 13th November

In this live talk show Karl will be joined by professional retoucher Viktor Fejes. Viktor has an international clientele and knows exactly how to produce top results, quickly. He’ll sit down with Karl to discuss his work, the reasons for retouching and what it's like working in the industry. | Read More

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Product Photography - Footwear

LIVE ON: 30th October

In this live product photography workshop I’ll be showing you how to photograph footwear. Through precise control of lights and close attention to detail I’ll show you how you can create great photos of a pair of shoes that require minimal (if any) retouching.

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Pack Shots Product Photography

LIVE ON: 23rd October

Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to doing pack shots, which is why it’s important that you have a lighting setup that’s both suitable and simple. In this live photography workshop I’ll be demonstrating effective studio lighting setups for pack shots and explaining everything you need to know to ensure a great result each time.

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Flat Lay Photography

LIVE ON: 10th October

Flat lay photography is a great way to creatively display anything from company products to sentimental props and the eye-catching results are deceptively simple to achieve. In this live show I’ll demonstrate how to shoot a flat lay photograph in just a few hours.

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Fashion photograph by Daria Belikova

Live Talk Show With Special Guest Daria Belikova

LIVE ON: 20th September

In this live talk show Karl will be joined by fashion photographer and rising star Daria Belikova. With a dark, edgy and distinctive style Daria’s work has become sought after internationally. With a growing reputation for exquisitely styled and executed work her unique and mature finesse has garnered significant attention. In this interview we will be talking about her approach, her technique and her rapid rise in the challenging world of fashion photography as well as answering your questions live on the show. | Read More

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Fashion & Beauty Critique

LIVE ON: 30th August

In this Live Critique show Karl sits down to explore your images and discuss the positives and negatives as he reviews your shots. Send in your Fashion and Beauty images for critique and interact with Karl Live on air as we discuss some of the key components to successful beauty shots. We’ll also take a look at some post production techniques and advise on how to maximise the impact of your fashion and beauty shots. Join Karl and join in the show with your own questions through our live interactive Q&A.

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Mastering the Beauty Dish

LIVE ON: 2nd August

In this LIVE show Karl will demonstrate effective and best practises for one of the most popular lighting modifiers; the Beauty Dish. Many photographers struggle when they first venture into studio portraiture or beauty shots and often pick up bad habits along the way. In this Live Show Karl will shoot live with our model and reveal several tips, shooting positions as well as additional lights and accessories to make the Beauty Dish an even more effective modifier. Join Karl and join in the show with your own questions through our live interactive Q&A. Read more in about the techniques covered in this blog post.

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Shooting Products with LEDs & screens

LIVE ON: 24th July

In this LIVE show you can join Karl as he demonstrates the techniques for product photography where the product also has it’s own illumination. Many photographers have asked how do they deal with products that have backlit screens, lights or their own built in illumination and the client wants to see in these in the final shot. For such images the product must still be lit appropriately with studio or continuous lighting and the products own illumination needs to be accounted for. Products can range from Iphones, tablets, stereos, kettles, gaming or a variety of electronics that require photography. Join Karl in this brief but effective one hour live show and join in the show with your own questions through our live interactive Q&A
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Live Talk Show With Special Guest Tom Oldham.

LIVE ON: 19 July 2018

Is a London-based portrait photographer, shooting portraits of musicians, sports stars and all sorts of talented folk in locations across the nation and worldwide. He admits ‘It's a great gig’. Click here to read more and view Tom Oldham's portraits.

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Live Talk Show With Special Guest David Lund.

LIVE ON: 22 June 2018

In this live talk show Karl will be joined by top liquid and advertising photographer David Lund. With clients from Grants Whisky to Shell Oil and British Steel to Rolls Royce David is very enthusiastic to share his knowledge, tips and techniques. David and Karl will be on hand to answer your questions as well as critique members work.

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Live Liquid Shoot With Karl Taylor & David Lund.

LIVE ON: 21 June 2018

In this exciting episode David brings his liquid expertise and gadgets to the KTE audience. Karl and David will work together to produce some stunning liquid images.  Read More

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Mega Live - ‘Members Picture Critique’

LIVE ON: 24th / 25th May 2018

If you’ve ever wanted professional feedback on your images, this is your opportunity! In this live show, Karl will be looking at EVERY PICTURE submitted by members for our first mega-critique. The show will offer members an opportunity to submit their photographs and find out first-hand how to improve their work. The critique will not only focus on the positives but also cover possible improvements, providing a great learning opportunity. From landscapes to food photography, members can send in any photograph they like — the theme is ‘General’.

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Live Understanding Parabolic Lighting (Bonus Show)

LIVE ON: 10th May

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the magic of true parabolic lighting. Many photographers don’t understand how or why these amazing modifiers provide such a visually interesting result. In this live shoot Karl will demonstrate their uses and benefits as well as show the final results compared to other more standard modifiers.

Parabolic Lighting Live Show - Read more.

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Live Talk Show With Special Guest Barry Makariou

LIVE ON: 26th April

Karl is joined by top product and advertising photographer Barry Makariou. With clients from Pepsi to Peroni and Dove to Tom Ford and Samsung to Sony, Barry’s work is recognized globally. As a successful photographer and director Barry answers our members' questions and talks about his techniques.
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Live Luxury Watch Photography

LIVE ON: 10th April

In this live shoot Karl will photograph an image to advertising standards of a luxury timepiece. With a range of professional lighting tips and revealing some industry secrets Karl will answer your questions live resulting in a beautiful final image including the simple post production work to finish the shot.

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Architectural Photographer Sean Conboy

LIVE ON: 26th March

Karl is joined on the sofa by top architectural photographer Sean Conboy. This specialised area of photography requires a certain discipline and precision to bring life to structure and three dimensionality to the photographic form. Sean is know for his photography on some of the most impressive buildings and hotels in the world. Sean will explain the basic workings of technical view cameras as well as reveal some top tips for effective architectural shoots and answer your questions live.

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Business Portraiture & Headshots

LIVE ON: 15th March

Business portraits need to be fast, efficient and effective to keep your clients happy. You need a repeatable set up that can be used in the studio or on location. In this live show Karl walks through some perfect lighting setups to improve your workflow and shoots live while answering your questions.

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Live Talk Show With Special Guest Tim Flach

LIVE ON: 22nd Feb

We are extremely excited to welcome world-renowned photographer Tim Flach to the show. Tim’s work is instantly recognisable. In the last decade he has focused on animal portraits ranging widely across species but united by a distinctive style that is derived from his concerns with anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism.

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Whisky Photography Advertising Shoot

LIVE ON: 8th Feb

In this exciting live show Karl will demonstrate a whisky product shoot from start to finish and provide his top tips to reveal a high-end advertising standard image. Controlling reflections, back illumination, backgrounds, gradients and creating the set will all be covered ensuring this will be an episode not to be missed.

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Members Picture Critique

LIVE ON: 18th January

In this Live talk show will crop, critique and even retouch some members images to show how to improve them. This informative show will give our members and opportunity to submit their work and learn from a top professional on where improvements can be made. The critique will not only focus on the positives but also how to improve any negatives, providing a great opportunity to for everyone to recognize effective images.

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Live Beauty Retouching

LIVE ON: 9th January

In this Live show we concentrate on post production techniques for beauty retouching. Karl will run through his key post processing workflow and demonstrate colour, contrast, RAW file processing, Burn & Dodge, selective local contrast and sharpening techniques.

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Beauty Lighting Techniques

LIVE ON: December 20th.

Working with a model, Karl will undertake a live beauty shoot with tips on preparation and lighting to reveal a superb final image. With tips also from our professional make up artist and an insight on lighting solutions that complement post production this will be a packed live show. Beauty lighting will often utilise a harder lighting formula than traditional portraiture and as such careful consideration needs to be given to the direction of light to minimize texture and imperfections.

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Photography Printing with Guest John Fitzgerald

LIVE ON: December 6th.

As well as being a successful portrait photographer John is best known as a master printer. With numerous industry awards for his printing skills John runs a busy Pro Lab, servicing the requirements of professional photographic printing and processing. With a 35-year career, John will join Karl for this Live Show, providing a wealth of tips for getting the best from reproducing your printed images.
We’ll be discussing displaying your work, calibration, printing and formats whether for fine art sales or for personal use.

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Bianca Swan, Fashion Stylist

LIVE ON: November 23rd.

Join Karl and special guest, fashion stylist Bianca Swan. Bianca is a professional fashion stylist who has worked with many of the big names in photography from Rankin to Max Oppenheim and even Karl Taylor : ) As well as photographers she’s styled for top brands such as Burberry, M&S and Lacoste. In this unique episode we will delve into the world of fashion and discover what it takes to be a stylist and how to prepare for your fashion shoot.

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Sunglasses Product Photograph

Sunglasses product shoot

LIVE ON: 9th Nov 2017

Sunglasses product shoot. In this stunning product shoot Karl will walk you through the whole process live. Resulting in a high end advertising image. Learn the process of using effective gradient lighting and tips for precise control.

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Live Photo Shoot

Live broncolor ‘How To’ with Urs Recher

LIVE ON: 2nd Nov 2017

Join Karl and special guest photographer Urs Recher. Urs is a consultant and photographer to broncolor lighting company but he also has another life in photography with his own personal work. With an encyclopaedic knowledge on many aspects of photography we will look at Urs’s techniques and images. Karl and Urs also debate the latest industry news and topics as well as answer your questions live.

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Urs Recher Photographs

Urs Recher & Karl Taylor.

LIVE ON: 1st Nov 2017

Join Karl and special guest photographer Urs Recher. Urs is a consultant and photographer to broncolor lighting company but he also has another life in photography with his own personal work. With an encyclopaedic knowledge on many aspects of photography we will look at Urs’s techniques and images. Karl and Urs also debate the latest industry news and topics as well as answer your questions live.

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Wine bottle product lighting

LIVE ON: 19th Oct 2017

In this fascinating tutorial Karl demonstrates several techniques for effective and elegant wine photography. He demonstrates his lighting techniques, preparation, background choices and answers questions live with our interactive Q&A/

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Wedding photography

Wedding Photography with David Stanbury

LIVE ON: 12th October 2017

Join Karl and special guest, award winning wedding photographer David Stanbury, as they dive in to the world of high-end wedding photography. They also debate the latest industry news and hot topics. Read more on our blog.

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Nature photography live show

Nature Photography with guest Chris Bale

LIVE ON : 27th Sept 2017

Join Chris Bale and Karl Taylor for a critique of members work and discuss photography tips and techniques.

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Live photo show

Portrait & Beauty Lighting

LIVE ON : September 19th 2017

You’ll see the step by step process needed to light and shoot professional portrait and beauty images. PLUS… Karl will explain his creative and technical reasons for deciding which commonly used lighting modifiers work best for his beauty & portrait photography.

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Photo critque

Over 70 photo critiques, LIVE training & more!

LIVE ON: 15th August 2017

Join Karl as he critiques over 70 images for Karl Taylor Education members. He demonstrates how simple adjustments give instant improvement LIVE during the show. Karl also discusses interesting photography news & reviews some new photography kit. Includes member Q&A throughout.

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Food photography

Photographs copyright Anya Pustynnikova:

Food Photography & Styling with Anya Pustynnikova

LIVE ON: 8th Aug 2017

Join top Russian food photographer Anya Pustynnikova & Karl Taylor for a range of in-depth & beautiful food photography lessons. With Anya’s top tips on everything from styling to food preparation this is not to be missed.

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Baby photo

Photographs copyright Alex Wallace:

Photographer Talk Show with Guest Alex Wallace

LIVE ON: 25th July 2017

karl and Alex discus what it was like moving to a new country and setting up business from scratch in New Zealand and how in just 8 years he has a thriving business shooting a variety of campaigns and projects from the All Blacks rugby team to huge industrial plants.

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Portrait Photograph

The Emotion of Light

LIVE ON: 12th July 2017

Join me, along with our model Evie, for this exciting show where I will also answer online audience questions during the show. Don’t miss out be part of this exciting new format providing you education and inspiration through live sessions at Karl Taylor Education.

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