Fashion Photography

Stunning and effective fashion photography setups.

The chapters below will give you the inside scoop to a variety of Fashion photography setups both inside and out of the studio. From how to style and pose your model, arrange your props and light the scene to create amazing and breathtaking images. These shots often take planning, preparation and a lot of effort to shoot and pull off but after watching these chapters hopefully you will feel inspired and have the insight to achieve stunning results like this yourself.


Learn what it takes to achieve great on-location fashion shots.

In this educational fly on the wall documentary style course Karl and the team show you the thought process behind planning an on-location fashion shoot as they head to Iceland for one of their biggest projects yet. From logistics meetings and model castings through to the final shoots and printing of images you will not only learn all the techniques needed for capturing surreal landscapes and fashion shots on location but also discover everything a photographer needs to know to plan a trip like this. This trip was all about capturing images in the most epic and dramatic landscapes possible and the stunning nature of the place meant that he couldn’t resist taking some landscape shots along the way.

Fashion & Beauty Lighting

Learn key lighting techniques for the studio and on location.

Broaden your knowledge of studio and location lighting for beauty portraiture and fashion photography as Karl reveals some of his incredible lighting setups that will help you give your images that professional feel. Covering classic beauty setups and techniques like side lighting as well as how to create intricate pools of light. These will all add a more dynamic and interesting element to your images that’ll take your fashion photography to the next level.

“I’ve learnt a lot but in particular the Fashion and beauty lighting – Now i don’t photograph models but I photograph brides and grooms. I took those techniques and use them for weddings, engagement shoots and even families. ”Poppy Larbalestier, Professional Wedding Photographer