19. Bold single soft light

Make a statement with this single light set up producing a bold but soft light ideal for fashion, catalogue shoots.


    1. Hi Mohan, a very large white umbrella would give a similar effect as would a large scrim but the big Octabox is the most controlled option.

  1. Hello Karl, I am André I am an amateur passionate about photography and I follow you from France through your training space. At first I want to tell you that your trainings are the best of all that I have seen on the web. I absolutely do not regret my subscription on your site because thanks to you I could master the photograhy in a few years. Really a thousand thanks for what you do for us.
    My future ambition is to be able to teach this passion that I have for photography in my country in Africa precisely in Gabon (Central Africa). I am determined to follow all your advice for the success of this project which holds me so much.
    Thanks to you

  2. Simple and efficient. I like this set up especially because the shadows are not obvious and thus the model can move freely. The light source placed at a certain distance from the model is a great tip also. Thank you, Karl.

  3. 您好!最后完成的图像背景是浅绿色的?是我的显示器出了问题吗?


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