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LIVE : Wed 1st Nov – 18:00GMT / 13:00EST

Join Karl and special guest photographer Urs Recher. Urs is a consultant and photographer to broncolor lighting company but he also has another life in photography with his own personal work. With an encyclopaedic knowledge on many aspects of photography we will look at Urs’s techniques and images. Karl and Urs also debate the latest industry news and topics as well as answer your questions live.

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  1. A problem I ran into Karl, I am retarded when it comes to technical computers. I have more photos I wanted to submit and they were apparently “too Large” I had NO idea how to easily resize them …yeah I know…DUH.

    1. Hi Miz Universe / Steph, I cover resizing images in our ‘post production’ section in our Photoshop for Photographers course and our Light Room course. If you have images in LR just choose file export and then you can choose the size in pixels that you would like the export to be and also the option to convert to a jpeg.

  2. So thankful for these critiques. Whether it’s my work or someone else’s, breaking down the image and looking at it’s strengths as well as areas that need to be improved makes us all put out better work. Thanks Karl, Urs and the rest of the team!

  3. Vancouver checking in here Karl. LOVE your production your work and your sense of humour! A shout out to your great crew as well! Cheers, Stephanie

  4. hi i have submitted 2 mono images for critique, taken a while back when i just started out so looking to get some great pointers on failings and successes and also see what other people have submitted.

  5. Tried to submit 2 images… Looking forward to the show. Hans/Karl are always insightful and good for many laughs, too!

  6. Hi there,

    I’ve submitted two photos for critique, however given the time difference from UK to Hong Kong, I maybe asleep.

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