How to Photograph Landscapes.

Imagine being able to visualize and confidently shoot perfect landscape photos with your DSLR.

Watch this video to learn how you’ll quickly be shooting outstanding landscape photos.
Bypass the confusion, bad habits and time wasting with concise techniques from a top professional.

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“It’s inspired me to go out and shoot in manual mode and be more creative. You show something, demonstrate it, let us imitate it and then we’ll go and practice it. ”John Ball, United Kingdom

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Join now for ONLY $14/month!

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Karl Taylor Photography are trusted by leading education institutions and top players in the industry to provide the very best and easiest to understand photography knowledge available.

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    If you are unsure what to charge, check out our pricing calculator to learn market specific photography pricing structures and common rates.

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    Usage fee calculators, estimate calculators and a cash flow and business expense forecast document.

  • Copyright, Marketing and Project Workflow Documents.

    All the documents you need to protect your copyright, make a marketing plan and ensure that you fully understand your clients’ needs through every step of a project.

  • Job Sheets, Invoice Examples and Usage & Licensing info.

    Essential requirements for any photography business so when it comes to invoicing and billing, there are no problems.

  • Photoshop Work Along Files

    All the work along files from our Photoshop For Photographers and Photoshop Retouching with CS4/CS5 courses so you can practice along with Karl as he completes his retouches.

  • Visual Aid Layers Photoshop Action

    Get the most out of your images with an incredible retouching action from our Advanced Photoshop For Photographers course.

  • Lightroom Work Along RAW Files

    The image files from our Lightroom 4 and 6 courses so you can work along with Karl as he teaches you how to extract the best detail from a RAW file.

  • Lightroom Presets

    From wedding to portrait, landscape to black & white we’ve got it covered with these great LR Presets.

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