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Cosmetics on black gloss

In by Emma - (KTE Team)25 Comments

In this video Karl what can be captured directly out of camera without resorting to post production as your first option to fix your image. Apply this knowledge to your work and save yourself a huge amount of time in the future. techniques included in this course include precision lighting control, common misunderstandings of lighting ratios, how to visually identify …

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Floating Cosmetics Splash Shot

In by Emma - (KTE Team)45 Comments

Take a look at the preparation and construction of the studio environment to accurately support cosmetics at a fixed position in ‘air’ to reproduce advertising standard ‘splashes’ around the cosmetic. This training module will closely study the whole process of the necessary tools, liquid application as well as the lighting and photography.

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Post-Production Floating Cosmetics Splash Shot

In by Emma - (KTE Team)9 Comments

In this module Karl walks through the entire post-production process to take the RAW image to its final stage suitable for a high-end advertising image. In starting with a high quality capture the process is minimal and simple and takes only about an hour but there are some key steps required in areas of contrast, saturation, sharpening and burn and …

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04. Perfume Advertising Shoot

In by Emma - (KTE Team)21 Comments

In advertising, perfume is often portrayed in ways that evoke a sense of elegance, class and style. In this chapter we show you the exact process of how to light a bottle of Chanel No.5 with extreme precision and fine control to capture that luxury feel along with a few other variants to the shot to provoke your creativity.

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‘How To’ Full Version – Shooting Tech Devices

In by Emma - (KTE Team)3 Comments

Whilst a short cut of this tutorial is available on YouTube we wanted our members to see every detail that went into achieving the final image. This chapter covers how you can elegantly light an iPad (or other tech device) whilst simultaneously capturing what is displayed on screen at the correct exposure.

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‘How To’ Full Version – Dior Perfume Bottles

In by Emma - (KTE Team)5 Comments

This chapter is an uncut version of from a How-To video available on YouTube, but we believe our members should see every step of the process that went into capturing this luxurious shot of two Dior Perfume bottles. Discover just what goes into perfecting the delicate refraction through the bottles and alternate modifiers that could be used to get slightly …

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Dior Perfume Bottles Post Production

In by Emma - (KTE Team)2 Comments

This chapter covers the post production work that went into perfecting the Dior Perfume image. From removing dust specks and cleaning up the image, to blending shots together to make the image pop.