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16. Simulating Sunlight

In by Jon Bairds21 Comments

In this One Light Setups section Karl puts theory into practice with the most basic of lighting setups. Using just one light, Karl demonstrates how to get creative and what you can do with a single light source. In this chapter he uses a bare bulb light to simulate sunlight. Working in a small studio environment he shows you how …

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17. Simulating sun and shadow

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This section covers a variety of single light setups, showing how you can achieve a variety of looks with the most basic of studio lighting setups. After demonstrating how to simulate sunlight using a single point light source, Karl builds on that and demonstrates how to creatively combine shadow and light to produce a stunning result. He shows you how …

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18. One light surround lighting

In by Jon Bairds15 Comments

In this section Karl proves you don’t need a studio filled with lighting equipment to achieve amazing results. Throughout this course he shows you how creative you can get using just one light as he demonstrates a variety of single light setups. Based on the result below you would be forgiven for mistaking this as a four light setup, but …

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19. Bold single soft light

In by Jon Bairds25 Comments

Following on from his single light setup photography classes where he uses bare bulb flashlight, Karl demonstrates how, using a single light with the right modifiers, it’s possible to create professional images. In this portrait photography class Karl creates a bold but soft light for this 3/4 length shot, ideal for fashion and catalogue shoots. Using basic modifiers he demonstrates …

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20. Beauty lighting with one light

In by Jon Bairds22 Comments

This portrait photography class follows closely from the previous chapter, where Karl demonstrated how to achieve a bold but soft effect, ideal for fashion or catalogue shots. In this chapter he builds on this, showing you how to modify the setup for more beauty-style images. Starting with just a simple modifier on a single light, Karl reveals the all-important accessory …

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21. Soft single light

In by Jon Bairds42 Comments

For this informative photography class Karl is joined by broncolor’s Urs Recher as he continues to demonstrate how creative you can be using just a single light setup. In this portrait photography class Urs explains how to create the softest light possible. Using one of the most commonly used modifiers, he goes into detail about the importance of positioning and …

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22. Rim lighting with a single light

In by Jon Bairds48 Comments

Backlighting is an ideal way to shape a subject and, if used correctly, can result in some stunning images. For this portrait photography class Karl is again joined by Urs Recher for this single light setup demonstration and together they demonstrate how to create beautiful soft rim lighting using back lighting with a slight twist. The pair use a surprisingly …

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23. Dramatic single light shadows

In by Jon Bairds24 Comments

For this dramatic, lighting setup Karl and Urs deviate from the normal conventions of portrait photography as they set out to achieve a full length portrait using a single light source. Using a single, bare bulb from a low angle they show how it’s possible to execute precise control of a light with just a few simple accessories. Starting from …

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24. The softest single light possible

In by Jon Bairds30 Comments

Karl and Urs continue their demonstration of single light setups with this next photography class, where they demonstrate what is perhaps one of the most simple lighting setups in this course — a versatile bare bulb setup that can be used in almost any studio, regardless of the size. Using just the single light, the result is an incredibly soft …

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25. Contoured single soft light

In by Jon Bairds31 Comments

For this portrait photography class Karl and Urs use a simple lighting modifier in an unusual position to create a beautiful, contoured soft light. Working in a small, confined space they show how this single light setup is ideal for those working in a small studio, but, with minor adjustments, you can greatly change the outcome. During this tutorial Urs …