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Sunrise Landscape Photography

In by Emma - (KTE Team)3 Comments

Time is not a photographer’s friend when it comes to sunrise photography — take too long and the opportunity is lost. In this landscape photography class Karl shoots a series of images in a very short space of time, demonstrating how to adjust your camera settings to suit the changing light. He also goes into detail about the filters he’s …

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Photographing Paintings for Reproduction

In by Emma - (KTE Team)16 Comments

In this photography class Karl is commissioned to photograph two paintings for well known artist and painter Louise Lawton. Photographing the two pieces, one being a large monochromatic piece and the other a smaller colored image of a young girl, Karl explains how to overcome common challenges associated with photographing paintings. Starting with the very basics of how to position …

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Jewellery Photography – Diamond Necklace

In by Emma - (KTE Team)7 Comments

Karl photographs a diamond necklace for the second class in our series of jewellery photos shoots. Using a simple lighting setup, Karl demonstrates how to light shiny metal surfaces and highlight important details in precious gems such as diamonds. Using one bare bulb, Karl shows you how to make use of reflectors to create a soft wraparound light, a technique …

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Jewellery Photography – Gemstone Necklace

In by Emma - (KTE Team)31 Comments

This beautiful blue gemstone necklace photography class is the first in a series of jewellery photo shoots. This class provides a detailed explanation of the entire process, from selecting and creating backgrounds to testing lights and adding interesting props. Karl also explains a few common mistakes when it comes to jewellery photography and how you can overcome these. Using just …

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Jewellery Photography – Rings

In by Emma - (KTE Team)14 Comments

Rings are notoriously difficult to photograph, but there are a few useful techniques you can use to make this process simpler and more effective. In this jewellery photography class Karl explains some of the most common challenges one may face when photographing these items and how to overcome them. One of the main challenges is achieving sufficient depth of field. …

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Tilt and Shift Product Shoot

In by Emma - (KTE Team)12 Comments

Tilt and shift lenses and adapters are commonly used for architectural photography, but they can be a useful tool when photographing products too. In this product photography class Karl makes use of a tilt and shift adapter to overcome two particular challenges. He gives a clear explanation of what a tilt and shift adapter does, the benefits of using one …

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Para 222 and Matching Hues Fashion Shoot

In by Emma - (KTE Team)22 Comments

Perfecting an image for a fashion shoot can often take a great deal of time. In this fashion photography class you’ll see why it’s so important to take the time to get everything just right and how attention to detail can really pay off. In this fashion photography class Karl takes the time to test various outfit and makeup combinations, …

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Pop Fashion Shoot

In by Emma - (KTE Team)2 Comments

Parabolic reflectors are a popular choice of lighting modifier for fashion photography. In this photography class Karl utilizes a simple yet effective three light setup to achieve this punchy final image. You’ll be able to follow each step of the shoot, from set creation to outfit selection and lighting tests. To end the class, Karl reviews the final image, clearly …

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Live Workshop – Footwear Photography

In by Tim - KTE Admin25 Comments

In this live product photography workshop Karl demonstrates how to light and photograph footwear, in this case a football boot. Starting with a single light, Karl shows you how to create a rim light before gradually building to his final setup. A high-end product shoot such as this requires precision and attention to detail. Karl explains key elements to highlight …

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Live Workshop – Pack Shots

In by Tim - KTE Admin43 Comments

Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to doing pack shots, which is why it’s important that you have a lighting setup that’s both suitable and simple. In this live photography class Karl shows you exactly how to set up and photograph effective pack shot images. Working through multiple products, Karl demonstrates just how important perfecting your lighting setup …

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Live Workshop – Flat Lay Photography

In by Tim - KTE Admin30 Comments

In this photography workshop Karl demonstrates how to take flat lay photographs using a 35mm camera and 50mm lens. Flat lay photography is an eye catching way to get your product noticed amidst the chaos of the internet and in this live show Karl shows you how simple it is to take eye-catching images using just two studio lights. Working …

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Zenith Watch Product Shoot

In by Emma - (KTE Team)34 Comments

Watch photography can often be tricky, and none more so than this shoot, Karl photographs the detailed inner workings of a luxury Zenith watch. In this product photography class Karl highlights the common difficulties one might face, including how to photograph shiny metal surfaces, how to achieve sufficient depth of field when photographing small items and how to balance multiple …