Four Light Location Setups

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56. Backlighting sun and flash

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For this portrait photography class Karl takes his studio outside, working in an orchard to produce these spectacular images. Shooting into the sun, Karl shows you how to perfectly balance studio light with natural light to produce the final image, which was achieved using just two studio lights with basic modifiers. This tutorial covers important factors such as the best …

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57. High speed sync location lighting

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Working on location with studio lights can present a number of challenges — finding the right location to start with, suitable equipment and combining multiple light sources, to name just a few. In this portrait photography class Karl goes for a dark and mysterious forest fashion shot, explaining the advantages of high-speed synchronization to cut out ambient light even at …

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58. Flash and natural light

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When working on location, one has to be prepared to deal with the elements such as changing light, cold conditions and busy backgrounds. To overcome these problems, one has to be totally familiar with equipment and technical elements such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO. By skilfully combining all these, Karl shoots a more enigmatic and alluring image by balancing …