Live Photography Talk Show With Special Guest Sean Conboy


With Special Guest Sean Conboy

and Karl Taylor

26th March 2018

Sean Conboy is an internationally renowned architectural photographer who is known for photographing some of the most impressive buildings and hotels in the world from giant multiplex cinemas to multi-storey structures.

Sean will be joining Karl on the sofa to talk about this specialised area of photography that requires a certain discipline and precision to bring life to structures and three dimensionality to the photographic form.

Working with complex mixed lighting and atmospheric surroundings is just one of the many challenges that Sean has to face in his day to day work and he’ll be here to answer all your questions Live! If you can’t make the show like, we will be happy to take your questions by email and put them to Sean on air.

We understand that not everyone can be available to watch live but as always there will be a ‘Live Replay’ available to our members immediately after broadcast so don’t worry if you can’t join us live.

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