Miops Camera Trigger (plus cable)

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The MIOPS Trigger takes your photography skills to the next level. This versatile camera and flash trigger in a single unit provides advanced modes like Lightning, Sound and Laser activated camera triggers. It also contains an intervalometer to work as a time lapse trigger to create stunning time lapse videos.

Karl is well known for his high speed work; whether it’s ‘liquids in motion’, ‘smashing glasses’, ‘flying paint’ or ‘birds in flight’ Karl Taylor relies on the MIOPS trigger to capture these images at the perfect moment.

The Miops trigger app is free and available for download on your smart phone and tablet (for both and Apple and Android systems). From the app you can set the trigger to a variety of different modes including;

Sound – essential for the type of photography I do where the noise of objects crashing together sets the camera to fire because doing it manually wouldn’t be fast enough.

Laser – once the beam coming out of the miops trigger is broken the camera will fire, this can be great for lots of different reasons for example photographing animals.

Timelapse – set the shooting interval time on the app and let the camera capture a sequence of photos.

Cable release – this means you can set the camera move away and trigger it wirelessly from the app, this is a necessity for long exposures to ensure the camera isn’t knocked for perfect results.

Lightning – MIOPS Trigger will detect the lightning strike and trigger your camera at the exact moment.

…and more.

In all these modes you have precise control and can set up scenarios with multiple different elements meaning you could start a time-lapse once the sound trigger is initiated or set the camera in to sound mode once the laser has been broken, the possibilities are endless.

The Miops trigger works with a variety of Cameras: Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Sony etc. Please choose your appropriate cable from the index chart

When you have ordered your MIOPS Trigger email us at [email protected] and let us know which camera cable you would like included with your order.

Click to view – camera cable index chart

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