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Landscape Polariser

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This slimmer Polariser will go down to 16/17mm focal length lenses without vignetting when used with a two slotted filter holder on a full frame 35mm sensor. It also features a slightly warm bias favoured by landscape photographers. This is a 105mm rotating polariser, ‘circular effect’ filter and reduces exposure up to 1⅔ stops.

How it works:
When light from the sun bounces off a flat non metallic surface, such as glass, water, leaves, grass or areas of sky it becomes polarised with all of the reflected light waves vibrating in the same plane. This reflected glare can be removed by the polarising filter.

There are two types of polariser, circular and linear. These names bear no relation to the physical shape of the filter itself but refer instead to the way the light waves are transmitted through the filter to achieve the polarising effect.

The resulting image becomes more saturated with improved detail in previous highlight areas and delivers more depth, contrast and richness to the image. It is an effect of physics and not one that can be replicated digitally in software.

Users with an autofocus SLR should use a circular polariser.

Those with a manual focus camera, either 35mm or medium format, can also use a circular.

Rotating Polariser 105mm diameter | 100mm System

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