Karl Taylor Professional Filter Kit

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“This collection is made up of the filters I’ve come to rely on consistently throughout my career. When they are in my camera bag, I know I am equipped for virtually any situation, both in the studio and on location. Whether I’m shooting product, fashion or landscape, this is my essential filter kit.”

All the filters are hand made by the skilled team at Lee Filters where they gradually build up the Big and Little Stoppers and ND gradation by dipping optically correct resin in baths of dye and continuously monitoring the results. Each filter represents up to an hour of skilled work.

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The Professional Filter Kit Includes:

1 x Foundation Kit

The foundation kit filter holder takes standard 100mm filters, and can be constructed to take up to three filters at any one time. The foundation kit clips onto the adapter ring which, in turn, screws onto your camera’s lens

* Please note this kit does not come with a lens adaptor ring, choose this from our gear page

105mm Polariser Front Holder Ring

105mm Accessory Ring. Screws permanently into the front of a foundation kit filter holder enabling a 105mm Rotating Polariser to be fitted (not included). Allows the polariser to be rotated independently of any other filters.

1 x Black Field Pouch for 10 Filters

Your filters will always be at your fingertips, thanks to a design that features three strap options: an over-the-shoulder strap, a belt loop, or a tripod strap. Constructed from tough and durable fabric with a concertina design. Holds 10 filters. (100x150mm)

1 x 0.9 ProGlass ND Filter

A glass filter that reduces exposure by 3 stops without affecting colour balance.

The ProGlass ND is an extremely high quality glass ND standard filter optimised for use with digital cameras, but equally useful for film. This new filter uses a surface coating made from evaporated metal, and therefore provides very even absorption across the visible spectrum and through the UV and Infra Red regions.

Digital SLR users need to use ND standard filters to prolong exposure times in bright conditions for landscape photography, but the excess UV and IR can cause colour problems in some lighting situations. The ProGlass filter reduces any chance of false colour casts, and also provides a result described as punchier on digital and film because the light forming the image is more specific to the requirements of the film or sensor.

1 x 0.9 ND Hard Grad

The 0.9 ND hard graduation filter reduces exposure by 3 stops without affecting colour balance. It is perfect for horizons, or any hard transition between the sky and land. Gives great control over the exposure.

1 x 1.2 ND Soft Grad

The 1.2 ND soft graduation filter reduces exposure by 4 stops without affecting colour balance.

1 x Big Stopper in a tin

The Big Stopper is a neutral density filter that reduces the amount of light entering your lens by ten stops.

By greatly extending exposure times the Big Stopper has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea. The filter can also be used on cityscapes to blur people or on roads and motorways to blur traffic.

1 x Landscape Polariser

This slimmer Polariser will go down to 16/17mm without vignetting when used with a two slotted filter holder on a full frame 35mm sensor. Also features slightly warm bias. This is a 105mm rotating polariser, circular effect. Reduces exposure up to 1⅔ stops.

When light from the sun bounces off a flat non metallic surface, such as glass or water, it becomes polarised with all of the reflected light waves vibrating in the same plane. This reflected glare can be removed by the polarising filter.

There are two types of polariser, circular and linear. These names bear no relation to the physical shape of the filter itself but refer instead to the way the light waves are transmitted through the filter to achieve the polarising effect.

Users with an autofocus SLR should use a circular polariser.

Those with a manual focus camera, either 35mm or medium format, can also use a circular.

1 x Cleaning Cloth

A high quality cleaning cloth which can be used either dry or with the cleaning solution.

3 x Lens Caps

The lens cap allows you to leave the adaptor ring attached at all times while keeping the front element clean and safe. The lens cap is made of white polypropylene and, when attached, can be used to white balance a digital SLR, or as a makeshift incident lightmeter on any camera. They can also be written on to identify lenses in the camera bag.

* Please note this kit does not come with a lens adaptor ring, choose this from our gear page

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