Portrait & Beauty Lighting workshop


Portrait & Beauty Lighting

with Karl Taylor

BROADCAST: 19th September 2017

There’s was a huge amount of important hi-end photography techniques and studio knowledge to gain from Karl’s LIVE Portrait & Beauty Lighting workshop.

Through interactive demonstration and results, Karl will help you transform your studio beauty and portraiture photography!

You’ll see the step by step process needed to light and shoot professional portrait and beauty images. PLUS… Karl explains his creative and technical reasons for deciding which commonly used lighting modifiers work best for his beauty & portrait photography.

Karl shows you easy ways to build a simple set explaining how to setup the lighting style to match your set and create the desired mood for the image. You’ll discover different ways to light your backgrounds and easy ways to control shadows in your scene.

Watch as Karl demonstrates different lighting setups, starting with one light then building on this to show advanced multi light setups whilst explaining his reasons and thought process from the beginning to end of each shoot giving a unique insight into a live studio portrait shoot.

Learn the difference between commonly used light modifiers, Karl keeps the same lighting setup but changes the modifiers going in-depth into which modifier to use and when. Karl also tries out some unusual lighting ideas with home made modifiers with great results!

With the help of his models, Karl demonstrates the angles of the light, light positions, different reflectors, fill light, soft & hard light, as well as teaching you how combining different types of light can deliver much more creative impact in your work.

  • This really is a workshop not to be missed! Join Karl and his team for an entertaining and informative session where he demonstrates pro-photography techniques and answers members questions LIVE.
  • Learn photography with Karl Taylor
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