New Photography Courses in Production

As well as live shows we also have new courses monthly. See below to view what's coming soon.

Landscapes & Seascapes

New Landscape / Seascape Modules

Filming scheduled - October 9th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th

We will be exploring detailed techniques on landscape/seascape photography, including planning, execution, composition, filters, RAW files, post processing, shutter speeds and depth of field.

Floating Cosmetics Splash Shots

Floating Cosmetics Splash Shot

Filming scheduled – October 9th, 10th

In these modules we will be looking at the preparation and construction of the studio environment to accurately support cosmetics at a fixed position in ‘air’ to reproduce advertising standard ‘splashes’ around the cosmetic. These training modules will closely study the whole process of the necessary tools, liquid application as well as the lighting and photography. The post-production will be relatively minimal as we will be demonstrating how the majority of the final images will be captured in camera through good lighting and technique.

Floating Cosmetics Splash Shots

Post-Production Floating Cosmetics Splash Shot

Filming scheduled – October 16th, 17th

In this module Karl walks through the entire post-production process to take the RAW image to its final stage suitable for a high-end advertising image. In starting with a high quality capture the process is minimal and simple and takes only about an hour but there are some key steps required in areas of contrast, saturation, sharpening and burn and dodge that are essential to this type of image.

Floating Cosmetics Splash Shots

Cosmetic & Perfume Product Photography

Filming scheduled – November 28th, 29th & 30th

We have a selection of new cosmetic and perfume product photography tutorials scheduled where Karl will explore small set builds, lighting, props and styling to create a series of eye catching, high-end advertising standard images. Each image will be covered step by step and include and post production techniques.

Lighting for Themes

Lighting for Themes

Filming scheduled – October 13th, 16th

This module is a theoretical module and a continuation of chapter 62 from the Light Source course in the ‘Portrait’ section. It will include examples of how to light subjects based on themes and expand further on the ideas explored in chapter 62 ‘The emotion of light’

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography Modules

Filming scheduled – November 13th – 21st

This new section will add to our Fashion section where we explore the following:

  • Styling clothes and working with stylists
  • Make up preparation and considerations
  • Set building and preparation
  • Shooting fashion and choice of modifiers
  • Location fashion work
Chanel No5

Chanel No.5 Perfume Week

Filming scheduled – October 23rd -27th

In this exciting project Karl will be tackling a shoot in the same way he tackles a broad campaign shoot where the client requires a variety of complementary images.

In this project Karl will pre-visualise and devise a number of concept images based around the famous Chanel No.5 perfume. This iconic scent and bottle swill form the basis of several ideas from classical and simple shots to advanced techniques where the bottle will be floating on water. There will be a number of high-end techniques demonstrated and every detail of the props, set, lighting, and process will be documented in this fascinating study as we watch one of the world’s most respected product photographers exquisitely light and create this series of images.


Real People Portraits

Filming scheduled November 21st-22nd

We’ve been asked by our members to show more portraiture lighting but with real world people including classic female and male examples. In these modules Karl will walk you through the refinements of lighting for this type of portraiture and explain posing and positioning of the subject for the most effective results

*Please note schedules may be subject to change.

The schedules listed are our filming scheduled days, editing, info graphics and additional voice over or information elements will also be added. This process means the release dates will be a short time later.