Further your learning with photography demonstrations, guest interviews and picture critiques.

All our live shows feature:

Live photography classes - exciting content

Exciting content

Live Photography Classes

Every month

Live photography classes - Q and A

Live Q&A

Instant replay of live photography show

Instant replays

LIVE Photography classes

Photography workshops

Ever wanted to see a pro photographer in action? Now you can! Watch live step-by-step shoots and learn what it takes to achieve professional results.

  • Live demonstrations
  • Real-world examples from start to finish
  • Lighting techniques and tips
  • See instant results
  • Ask questions as you follow along

Guest photographer interviews

Guest interviews provide unique opportunities to interact and learn with world renowned photographers.

  • World famous photographers
  • Discover industry secrets
  • Insights into the hottest trends
  • Explore the latest news
  • Live Q&A
Wedding and advertising photography live show

Member's picture critiques

Members Picture Critique
  • Submit your work
  • Constructive feedback from professionals
  • Understand how to improve your photography
  • Retouching demonstrations
  • Live Q&A

Through detailed demonstrations and comprehensive explanations I show that top results, which require minimal (if any) post production, are attainable.

Experience is priceless which is why I team up with some of the world’s top photographers, all of whom understand the value of knowledge.

Do you want to learn how to take better photos?

Architecture photography by Sean Conboy


Product photography live show


Fashion Photography


Portrait photography


Business of photography


Food photography



Wildlife photography


Follow our photography workshops LIVE, understand each step and get instant answers to your questions.

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding?

Do you want to learn from the best?

karl Taylor Photographer

Karl Taylor

Tim Flach Photographer

Tim Flach

Sean Conboy Photographer

Sean Conboy

Tom Oldham Photographer

Tom Oldham

Urs Recher Photographer

Urs Recher

Anya Pustynnikova Photographer

Anya Pustynnikova

Barry Makariou Photographer

Barry Makariou

Daria Belikova Photographer

Daria Belikova

Some photographers just talk about results, others require serious post production to yield good images. I take you through complete, practical shoots from start to finish, live, and show you how to make great photographs a reality.

Images in this gallery are the results straight out of camera from our live shows.

Our live photography workshops
provide unique opportunities…

Guest interviews with industry leaders
Gain valuable insight into a wide range of photographic fields
Start to finish photography demonstrations shot live
Lighting tips and tricks revealed
Understand the process of a photoshoot
Submit your work, get feedback from professionals
Interact through LIVE Q&A

Nervous before your first wedding shoot? Unsure of how to photograph an animal in a studio? Confused by how to photograph architecture? Fear not — interviews with world renowned guests will provide all the answers.

“A fantastic show what an infectious bloke and amazing old school photographer, this has probably been one of my favourites so far along with Tim Flach… The quality of your guests is unsurpassed Karl, fantastic to see the wide breadth of photography genres covered.”

Richie Hall, KTE Member

“Excellent show, I like these shows. I like the insight that one gleans from working professional photographers. I believe there is a world wide explosion of knowledge sharing and Karl you are doing your part, at a very reasonable cost, good job.”

Doug Howell – KTE Member

“This live show really helped me understand which lights and modifiers are better suited for different situations and more importantly… why those choices. Thank you Karl and team.”

Jacques Hart – KTE Member

“Once again, Karl, you have simplified a process for me that I was overcomplicating in my business portrait shoots. Great work and loving karltayloreducation.com. Best £12 any photographer can spend.”

Berti Munro – KTE Member

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“I’ve never seen anything that comes even close to this video. I was enthralled all the way through, everything, even stuff I thought I knew was explained brilliantly. The hour flew by, in fact it’s the first hour long video I’ve watched all the way through without a break. Thank you Karl, you are giving us value for our $14 many times over.”

Mark Harris – KTE Member